Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Grilled Aparagus

This asparagus was absolutely amazing! So, so yummy. There isn't really a recipe for this... So, I will just tell you what I did. First I cut off the bottom inch or so of the stems. Then I layed them out in a single layer and coated each of them with olive oil. I have an olive oil mister, which made this super easy to just lightly spray them. But since most people don't have those, you could just drizzle a little olive oil on them, then toss them around to coat them.You don't want to drench them, just lightly coat them. Then all that you need to do is season them however you want. I only used salt to season ours. Lay them in a single layer on a hot grill and cook them until they are crisp-tender. That's all there is to it. Easy and Yummy.

1 comment:

PixieGirl said...

Wahoo, I love asparagus and have no idea how to cook it...I am considering running to walmart right now and making a late night batch. Would that be crazy???

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