Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nutter Butter Santa's

What was I thinking? We were given these cute little Santa cookies 5 or 6 years ago by our friends the Bullocks.  I thought they were adorable, but never really thought about them again until a couple of weeks ago when I started thinking about "neighbor gifts".  They popped into my mind, and I thought "those will be easy and cute". Well, they were definitely cute.  They may have been easy... if I was making 10.  But I made about 150. That wasn't easy.  After I got them all dipped in the white chocolate and the red sprinkles and started "gluing" on the noses, I realized that I was in way above my head.  Just then my friend Julie called, and I explained to her what I was doing.  We realized that both of our husbands were going to be busy with church obligations that evening, so she said she would bring her kiddos over to play with my kiddos and she would help me finish them.  Thank heavens for Julie. She seriously saved the day.

So, here is what you need to make these cute little Santa's

Nutter Butter Cookies
White Chocolate
Red Sugar Sprinkles
Mini red M&M's or RedHots
White Chocolate Chips
Mini Chocolate Chips (or melted chocolate in a piping bag)

Dip each end of the nutter butter in melted white chocolate, then dip one of the ends in the red sugar. Glue (with melted white chocolate) on a red M&M or redhot for the nose .  Glue a white chocolate chip on the hat for the "pompom".  Then either glue on mini chocolate chips for the eyes, or (Julie's idea, that I highly recommend) melt the chocolate chips and pipe little dots on for the eyes.


Julie said...

That was such a fun activity! Thanks for letting me help!

Anonymous said...

These look adorable! Am always looking for kid friendly cookie recipes to use with my granddaughters. I think this is a winner. Thanks for sharing.

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