Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Graduation Caps

Aren't these so cute? I made a bunch of these for my little boy's preschool graduation last week.  They were super simple.  I bought "fruit by the foot" to make the tassels thinking that would be the easiest way to make them.  It was simple, but when I opened them, they weren't solid, they were scored so that  you could tear them into shapes. Know what I mean? I looked specifically for a box that I thought was solid, but then they weren't. So that added a little complication to the process.  So, if I make these again, I will buy fruit roll-ups and make the tassels with those. I got the idea from Family Fun, and they suggested rolling out a starburst and using that for the tassel. Fruit roll-ups seem a lot easier than that!

Grad Caps

Miniature Peanut Butter Cups
Chocolate frosting
square or rectangle chocolate covered cookies or graham crackers
(I used Western Family Chocolate Mint Cookies)
Fruit Roll-ups

Place a miniature peanut butter cup, bottom up, on a plate. Top with a small dollop of frosting then press on a chocolate-covered cookie/graham cracker.
For a tassel, tightly roll up a small square of fruit leather. Cut fringe on one end and attach the other end to the center of the graham cracker with another dab of frosting

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